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Cantine Antonio Caggiano Taurasi

Taurasi and its land

Taurasi is an important wine center for the region and combines the award winning wines with homely cooking based on homemade pasta, cattle-breeding, oil and walnut.But Taurasi is more… is handicraft, with its stone working or ironworking and with the ancient art of “ricamo a tombolo” and pottery; is architecture with its amazing historic town center, ruled by the Longobard castle and medieval structures and stone portals; is history thanks to its Sannitic roots, Romanic and longobards dominations and then feud of Filangieri, Carafa and Latilla clans in the middleage.

 Taurasi is religion and faith, through the routes that starts from the Church of “Collegiata S. Marciano Vescovo” (VII sec.) toward the church of “SS. Rosario (1582)”, the Chapel of “S. Rocco e S. Sebastiano” to reach the other religion sites spreaded out into the “Medio Calore” Valley: “Santuario di S. Ciriaco” (loc. Torre le Nocelle), “S. Maria Assunta e S.Anna” Church (loc. Montemiletto), “Collegiata della SS. Annunziata” Church (loc. Pietradefusi).

Taurasi is folklore and tradition. The River “Calore” valley in which the town of Taurasi is melted in, is marked by historical commemoration of the assault at the castle of “Leonessa” in Montemiletto, that allows a deep diving into local traditions like “Sagra delle castagne” (the chestnut festival) (loc. Montefusco in October), “Sagra dell’uva e del vino” (The wine and grapes festival) (loc. Montemiletto in September), “Sagra del fusillo e dell’aglianico” (the “fusillo” pasta and “Aglianico” wine Festival)(loc. Pietradefusi in August), “Sagra del Torrone” (kind of nougat Festival) Loc. Dentecane in November, “Sagra del Taurasi” (“Taurasi” Wine Festival) loc. Taurasi in August, “Sagra della Pizza Chiena” (Pizza Festival) loc. Torre le Nocelle in October and “Sagra degli gnocchi e della carne alla brace” (Gnocchi pasta and barbecued meat) that fill with happiness the nights of Venticano in August.

DOC e DOCG, great red wines of the land of Taurasi
The great white wines of Cantine Caggiano
Great grappa from great vines